Hear Better with the HyperSound Clear 500P in Knoxville, TN

For those people who have a hard time hearing, life can be miserable in certain settings. Looking at television can be downright tedious, even with hearing aids. There is new technology. however, that can help those with hearing aids. Introducing HyperSound Clear 500P in Knoxville TN, an innovative audio system that will make life easier for those with hearing loss and their families. The speakers that make up the HyperSound CLEAR 500P work better than other speakers in that the sound is projected directly to the listener. The listener is able to hear the television at his or her level, while everyone else listens comfortably, using the television audio.

One of the things that make this system popular is its ability to make the person with the hearing loss feel like one of the family again. Before, he or she would have to try to read the lips on the television screen or depend on reading the captions on the screen. Now, with the HyperSound technology, every member of the family gets to hear the television at a comfortable level for everyone.

The way the HyperSound system works is through the use of ultrasound to make the sound in the air. Electronics, digital technology, and emitters are all combined to deliver a sound not unlike that of wearing headphones. In like manner of headphones, the sound is delivered directly to the listener, and it doesn’t affect the volume of the other people who are listening to the television. The sound is funneled in a controlled, narrow beam that works in the same manner as a flashlight beam, directing its light on a specific object.

The AudioLife Hearing Center, located in Knoxville, Tennessee, has been offering hearing options for patients for many years. The audiologists at the center are committed to improving the lives of their patients through better hearing. They offer hearing screenings, diagnostic hearing evaluations, hearing aid selections and fittings, and of course, the HyperSound system. Whatever your reasons may be, if you are interested in purchasing the HyperSound Clear 500P in Knoxville TN, or in getting more information about it, AudioLife Hearing Center invites you to their website. Then, they tell you to “Contact us.”

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