Health Care When You’ve Been In An Auto Accident In Oklahoma City

The pain you experience from an auto accident can come in many forms, and often times doesn’t show up for several days. While you may initially walk away from an auto accident in Oklahoma City thinking you’re fine, a day or two later, you could be suffering from severe injuries. Then, you could be in for a rude awakening when your primary care physician refuses to treat you because the injuries are the result of an auto accident. Many doctors, for their own personal reasons, do not like dealing with the red tape involved with lawyers, insurance agencies and the intricacies involved with automobile accident victims. Unfortunately, this often means the accident victim loses out when it comes to treatment.


In light of this trend, a new type of emergency clinic has begun springing up in the OKC area specializing in the victims of an auto accident in Oklahoma City . This clinic offers an intense type of care that an victim needs to gain a complete recovery after a traumatizing vehicle accident. Their focus is on ensuring the health and well-being of accident victims is placed at the top of priority list and to facilitate recovery in a calm and caring environment.


Perhaps one of the most common reasons individuals will hesitate to seek help for injuries is the cost, however, this new type of clinic addresses this issue as well. The clinics are based upon a no upfront cost model if you have a personal injury case in the works. This allows you to get the help you need without the worry of costs keeping you from the help you need. Furthermore, the experienced staff will help the accident victim determine if you should consult with a lawyer in the first place. If, in fact, you do decide to retain an attorney, the staff will work along side your law team to provide them with all the needed paperwork and statements. If necessary and requested, they can also give a narrative report for a small fee that will be paid if your claim is later settled.


So, whether you need x-rays or assistance with your injuries without insurance, know that you can get that at these specialized clinics in Oklahoma. You don’t have to have Soonercare, Medicare or other insurance policies.

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