Have an Experienced Plumber Check Your Water Heater in Egg Harbor Township Before You Replace It

Every time you turn on the hot water tap you are expecting heated water to flow from your Water Heater Egg Harbor Township. Unfortunately, even the best, most expensive water heater can fail and the reasons why will vary with the type of water heating appliance. Tank based water heaters come in two varieties, one that burns natural gas or propane to heat the water and one that uses electrical resistance. Each method has its pros and cons. For instance, gas based water heating can provide hot water fairly quickly, but the heat is passed through the tank which can lead to corrosion and degradation of the storage tank. Electric water heaters offer precise heating control through the use of separate thermostats, but the elements will eventually burn out and require replacement.

Tank based water heaters come in sizes from ten gallon to over a hundred gallon capacity, although the most common sizes for a home are thirty or forty gallons. The household water heater will usually be installed in an attic, garage or basement depending on the home’s design. In apartments and manufactured homes you may find the water heater in a custom closet and in some cases the tank may even be accessed using an external door. It is important to know the size and capacity of your tank when calling for repair or replacement. Not all storage tanks are the same size versus capacity. For example, some forty gallon tanks are tall and thin while others are short and wide. While this doesn’t affect their heating ability it can cause problems when replacing the unit if you get the wrong size.

Sometimes your tank may not need to be replaced even though it isn’t producing hot water. In fact, if your Egg Harbor Township Water Heater isn’t leaking then you may want to visit an expert like Benfranklinplumbers.com and determine what the cause of the failure could be. One possibility might be a failure of the heating element in an electric water heater. Another could be a shorted element causing the water heater to run until it trips the temperature safety switch. If the water heater uses gas then the problem could be a regulator failing. Considering all of the possibilities for failure it is obvious why it is important to have an experienced plumber check your water heater before you have it replaced.

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