Happy And Healing Spas in Saint Paul MN

Tired from a long day at the office? Come home to a relaxing soak in a spa.  Do you have a sore back from working in the garden all day?  Slide into the rejuvenating heat of spas in Saint Paul MN. Spas are not only fun but medicinal as well.  They are good for arthritic joints and achy muscles.  They are a hit at your backyard barbecue.


The inside of a spa comes in many colors such as gray marble, blue granite and black/white patterned to name a few.  There are also many different jet combinations to choose from.  The cabinet that holds the spa comes in teak, gray, and mocha colored wood panels.  You can deck out your spa with sound systems, cup holders and cascading water features as well.  Special colored lights complete the effect at night.  Select a nice folding cover to keep your spa debris free when not in use.  Add steps to make it easy to enter and leave your spa.


There are also swim spas that let you swim to exercise those stiff joints.  Jet motioned water streams keep you in place as you swim. You can select a swim spa that also has a separate area for relaxing and letting those jets massage your sore muscles.  If you don’t have room for a pool, then this is the option for you.  Taking care of a spa is easier than a pool.  They use much less water and chemicals.  Simply drain your spa and use mild, nonabrasive cleaner and soft cotton rag to clean then rinse and dry with a soft towel.  Refill spa and enjoy!  Change your filters as suggested in your owners’ manual.  These simple steps will keep your spa in new condition.  Add a spa vacuum to remove debris and maintain the cleanliness of your spa.


Consider spas in Saint Paul MN for your backyard.  Contact your local spa dealer such as The Pool Store Inc to discuss spa options.  Whether you want a spa for just you and your spouse to relax in, one with multiple seats for entertaining or a swim spa for exercising, your local spa dealer can install the perfect spa for you.



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