Handy Tips Before You Buy a Lamp Post and Accessories

When it comes to buying landscape lighting, here are a few handy tips to start with:

Know the basics

This will cover intensity and color. How bright do you want those lights to be? Once you’ve considered that, time to opt for the color. Color refers to the kelvins. For instance, when you go for 1800 kelvins, that’s going to end up with a reddish tone. Swap that with a 7500 K and you’ll end up with a bluish white tone, says the BHG.

Determine why

It will also help you choose the right light if you know why you’re buying one in the first place. Do you need lamp lighting to light the path through the grounds? Or provide illumination to discourage potential burglars? Maybe you want to use the lamp post as an accent? Maybe all three? Then you’ll have a better idea of the kind of lamp light and lamp post accessories that will work with your property.

Decide where

Location and placement of your lights will affect the kind of light you buy along with the kind of lamp post accessories you’ll shop for. Pick the locations for your lights so you’ll know if you have enough space or if you should go for small options.

Control the light

There’s nothing more annoying than having stray lights or beams from your neighbor hitting your windows or property. Make sure you aren’t doing the same thing to your next-door neighbor, though. Check and control your lights so they won’t end up anywhere other than your property.

Go for low watts

You don’t have to go overboard with the brightness, though. Higher wattage will generate harsher light. You could go for low wattage lighting for a softer illumination that won’t hurt your eyes. Those lights are also going to create a soft glow that should be perfect in creating the kind of intimate ambiance that’s perfect for entertaining guests.

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