Give Your Puppy a Great Start by Enrolling in Puppy Training Classes in Chicago

It is the job of a dog owner to ensure that a dog is a good member of the community. Puppies come to their homes, not knowing much. While owners may expect the dog to understand that it’s wrong to chew the furniture or urinate on the carpet, when the puppy does these things, it’s the owners fault, not the dogs. The trick to getting the pup off to a good start is Puppy Training Classes in Chicago. There are a variety of different classes to take, based on the needs of the dog, and budget. From private classes, to group classes, to leaving the dog for a couple of weeks for intense training, choose the option that best suits the individual dog. Read on for some helpful dog training tips.

Potty Training

* The puppy should be taken outside every couple of hours to potty.

* When the dog does potty outside, it should be enthusiastically praised.

* When the pup is out of the crate, it should be closely monitored to avoid accidents in the house.

* Never hit or yell at the animal when it has an accident, instead calmly take it outside so it knows that outdoors is the place for this.

Walking on the Leash

* Put the dog on the leash and let the dog walk around with it, while you supervise for safety reasons. This will get the dog used to the leash.

* Once the dog is used to the leash, take a short walk.

* Never let the dog pull, stop walking immediately, until the dog calms down, then continue.

Chewing and biting

Puppies chew, it feels good, especially when they are teething. It’s not something that can be stopped, but it can be managed. When you catch the pup chewing something it shouldn’t, or when it bites, say ‘No’, and immediately give the puppy something that is acceptable. Be sure to have plenty of chew toys on hand. Eventually, the dog will understand that it’s okay to chew some things, but not others.

The above are just a few pointers to help you get started until you can get your dog into a class. To find Puppy Training Classes in Chicago, Visit In the meantime, get working on potty training, leash walking and teaching the puppy what he can and cannot chew.

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