Getting Used to New Contact Lenses in Fountain CO

After a year or two of deliberation, the patient decides to make the switch from eye glasses to Contact Lenses in Fountain CO. Even with all the advance preparation, the switch will require some adjustment. Here are some tips that will help the patient get used to the contacts and ultimately decide they are the best solution.

A Few Hours at a Time

Even with soft contact lenses in Fountain CO area, having something resting directly on the eye will feel a little funny at first. For this reason, set a goal of wearing the lenses for just a few hours before taking a break. For example, they can go in right after breakfast and stay in until lunch. In a day or two, the patient will notice that it is easy to forget the contacts are in place. Keep increasing the amount of time they are worn and it will soon be easy to keep them in all day.

Take Them Out at Night

Even for extended wear types, it pays to take out the contacts before bedtime. That should not prove to be a big deal, since people who wear eye glasses take them off before settling in bed. Remember to place the contacts in a cleaning solution. Any dust or irritants that collected on the contacts during the day will be removed. This is important, since the patient does want them to be completely clean when they go in the next morning.

Washing the Hands

There is one habit the patient must develop in order to enjoy the contacts. That has to do with washing the hands before taking them in or out. It was not that big a deal to not wash the hands before slipping on the glasses first thing in the morning. With contacts, any oils or dirt on the hands could get under the contact lens and irritate the eye. Get into the habit of washing the hands first, drying them thoroughly on a clean towel, and then putting them in.

Remember that Contact Lenses are designed to enhance visual acuity and make it easier to see clearly. Take it slow at first, and it will only be a matter of time before wearing the contacts will be like second nature.

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