Getting Rid of Fire Damage in Fountain, CO

After a fire, the Fire Damage in Fountain CO can seem insurmountable. A home can look nothing like it did prior to the fire, which can make homeowners both sad and anxious. In addition to losing all of their precious memories, it can appear that they will also lose their home as well. However, in many cases, a restoration service can save a home and make it livable again. To do this, however, they need to be brought in as quickly as possible so that they can save as much as possible.

Eliminating Water

One of the first things that a restoration company will have to do is get rid of the water that has accumulated in a home. When a fire fighter puts out a fire, they use water – and they use a lot of water. As such, there can be standing water in the home. It can be soaked into carpets, into drywall, insulation and into the furniture. To salvage as much as possible a restoration company will have to get rid of it.

This is done mainly by sucking out as much water as possible with pumps and vacuums. They will also put dryers and dehumidifiers into a home to dry out the walls and the carpet. Nothing can be done before the water is removed from the home.

Stripping the Damage

Once the water is removed, then all of the damaged items are stripped. In some cases, it may be extensive, including taking the walls down to the studs. In other cases, it could be just carpet removal or removing furniture with a lot of fabric or cushions. It just depends on the extent of the damage and how far spread it is in the home.

Ridding the Smell

Deodorizing a home is also an important part of restoration. Fire leaves a very distinct smell, and it can get into everything. Anything that can be salvaged will have to be deodorized to make it tolerable for the people living there.


Once all this is done, the repair work can begin. Restoration companies work with electricians, builders and plumbers as needed to effect repairs. When all is said and done, it will be impossible to know that there was fire damage in Fountain CO.

If you’ve experienced a fire, getting help quickly is key. Visit sitename to find a restoration service that can help you today.

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