Getting Collision Repair Services After An Accident

A car accident is a very traumatic event which is only more difficult to manage and process if there is an injury. Anyone who has been in a car wreck, even a minor fender bender, knows the instant heart-pounding anxiety that occurs right at the moment of impact and after.

To help our customers, and to try to make this tough time a little less stressful, we would like to offer some simple tips to having things organized in case you ever need collision repair services after an accident.

Prepare the Info Needed

We find that most of the insurance companies are very good about providing their clients with handy checklists and information packages as to what to do at the scene of a crash.

The first thing is to make sure you, and others involved are safe, and to call emergency services if needed. Then, if everyone is safe, start to collect information from all involved drivers. This should include their insurance information, their name, driver’s license number and their address. Remember, you can also use your cell phone to take photos of everything to make it easier.

Having all this handy for the other driver, as well as for the police, is going to help you to focus on what is important, but this only if you, and everyone else, are safe and uninjured.

Have Our Number

Another important question you will be asked if your car is not drivable is if you have a preference for where it should be towed. Depending on the accident you may be able to request that your choice of professional and approved collision repair services complete the towing right to their facility.

Having our number in your phone, or simply looking us up online, will help you to connect with us during business hours. You can also have it towed to the wrecker’s yard and we can arrange towing to our shop on the next business day.

Let Us Handle the Rest

While you will then contact your insurance company and get further information and file a report, we will also work directly with them as well. We have extensive experience with the insurance adjustors in the Denver area, and we know what they need and how to work with them to keep your claim process moving along smoothly.

If you need collision repair services in Denver, give us a call. We can walk you through the process step by step and keep you informed as the insurance process unfolds.

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