Getting 24 Hour Legal Advice in Edinburgh for Internet Crime Cases

Cyber crime costs the United Kingdom a staggering ¬£27 billion each year. This was the government’s first published estimate in 2011 and since this time, crime cases have continued to grow. The World Wide Web has the potential to be a valuable and fun source for many, but there are certain risks associated with using it. Social networking sites, online e-commerce shops and other online platforms are making it easy for cyber bullies, identity thieves and cyber stalkers to commit crimes. If you are the victim of an Internet crime case, why not get 24 hour legal advice in Edinburgh?


You may have heard about this type of Internet crime before, because it is very common. Phishing or spoofing is when a person hacks into someone else’s computer without authorisation. By unlawfully doing this, the criminal could face three years imprisonment, even if it is their first offence. The crime may involve sending commercial email messages, entering inaccurate header information when sending mail messages, and spamming for personal or business gain. The amount of time a person has spent phishing or spoofing will affect the punishment, which is why 24 hour legal advice in Edinburgh will be worthwhile at this time.


Non-Delivery of Goods
When someone pays for a product or service online, they will expect to receive what they paid for. However all too often, buyers deal with the non-delivery of goods. This is a growing trend among Internet criminals, because it is fairly easy to master. The scam operator will normally use an online auction site like eBay or simple e-commerce platform to lure in vulnerable buyers who will type in their card details and get their account debited, with nothing to show for it. The more money a person spends, the worse the punishment will be for the criminal.


Drug Trafficking
Drug traffickers around the world are starting to take advantage of the Internet as a way of making money. By using cyber-attacks, the criminals are finding ways to traffic drugs to different locations and because cyber crime has grown to become larger than the drugs trade, the power of the World Wide Web is constantly being used to the advantage of drug dealers. Punishment is based on the type of drugs and amount involved.


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