Get a Plumbing Contractor in King of Prussia, PA, Before Hurricane Season Strikes

Once upon a time, people in King of Prussia and Philadelphia’s Main Line rarely had to worry about hurricane season, unless they planned a vacation to Florida or the Caribbean. Now, weather patterns for the greater Philadelphia area have changed. More and more hurricanes and tropical storms are hitting the area with high winds and flooding. Here are tips from on how to make sure your plumbing is ready for hurricane season.

Check Foundations for Cracks

One sign that your plumbing needs repairs is that the foundation of your home has cracks. Therefore, check the cement around your home’s foundations for sagging or cracks. Unless you are experienced in fixing foundations, do not try to make repairs yourself. When the cracks have been fixed, contact a plumbing contractor in King of Prussia, PA, to inspect your plumbing to see if it is what’s causing damage to your foundation. A sudden flood or heavy storm can aggravate plumbing problems and your foundation will pay the cost.

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters cannot do their job of getting water off of your home if they are clogged up. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, in spring and fall. Make sure the downspout is not blocked and that it is free of any grass, leaf piles, rocks or other materials that could send water into your home. If any gutters or drains are loose, they should be tightened or replaced before storms hit.

Check Sump Pumps

If you have a sump pump, check the basin for any material that could clog it up and cause flooding. A good way to check if the sump pump is working smoothly is to pour three or four buckets of water into it. Sump pumps do not work when the electricity goes out, so make sure you have an emergency generator or battery backups for your sump pumps.

Get a Reliable Emergency Plumber’s Number

Never assume your usual plumber will be able to get to you after a big storm hits. Get the number of a good plumbing contractor in King of Prussia, PA, that offers emergency services 24/7.

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