GE MAC 1200 Offers Many Benefits

If your facility has the need for EKG machines, you may wish to consider the GE MAC 1200 machine. Its 12 lead digital design is excellent for many healthcare applications. Plus, it can be a cost effective solution for some of your cardiac diagnostic needs. Here are some of the many benefits it can provide.

With many EKG machines, portability is not possible. They are not designed to be moved around and are a lot of trouble to set up and disconnect. However, thanks to battery power, the GE MAC 1200 can be set up in a wide range of environments, and there is no need to locate a power outlet. The entire machine only weighs 11 pounds.

User Friendly
Some EKG machines may take a great deal of training to teach the technician how to use them. Yet, the GE MAC 1200 is specially designed for ease of operation. In fact, it only takes one touch to acquire data, analyze, store and print. The process is simple and uncomplicated.

You can use more than one format for reports. For example, you may use standard full sized paper or if you need long term document storage you can use archivist paper. Patient data can be entered in four different fields defined by the user.

Patient Privacy Protection
With so many HIPAA law concerns, it is important to protect the security of all tests and patient data today and your GE MAC 1200 is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant (FDA electronic records and signatures). It features excellent security for your facility.

Benefits of Digital EKG Machines
For a long time most EKG machines were analog but thanks to modern technology digital is becoming very popular. The GE MAC 1200 is digital, which means it takes advantage of computer technology to get its signals from the heart. A digital EKG utilizes an LED screen and this is much easier to see and read than standard EKG graphs.

Digital EKG data can easily be monitored by computers. This gives you faster data recording and it is more reliable and accurate than analog machines. Thanks to digital design a smaller and more compact machine can be created and this makes them more portable and space friendly.

Data transmission is very easy with the GE MAC 1200 and can easily be transferred from cart to cart. By speeding up the process, the EKG can be read quicker and the physician can get proper treatment for the patient in a timely manner. This increases the quality and accuracy of health care and overall efficiency of a facility.

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