Garage Door Installation Process

Garage door installations are best done by professionals. The instructions for garage door installations in Cicero are very specific and skipping the steps can cost you a lot as a homeowner. One of the parts that would be challenging if you decided to install the door on your own is the garage door spring. A standard torsion spring system is very tricky for a homeowner to install but an extended spring system is workable. You however need to identify the kind of spring which your door is using.

Simple installation instructions

In case you want to install the garage door, keep the installation manual very close to you and refer to it as many times as possible. Read the manual to find out the tools you need for the installation beforehand. The most common tools include hammer, pliers, a level, electric screw driver, and a tape measure.
If you already have an old door in place, bring it down. Examine the frame to establish if it is in a good condition to hold the new garage door in place.
Each garage door is divided into sections which must be assembled before installing. Use a workbench or a sawhorse to assemble the pieces. If the first section is assembled well and hanged well, then it becomes easy to install the other sections. If the first section is not properly fitted, the door appears crooked.
After hanging the door, install the horizontal tracks on your roof. Maintain the level of your tracks when installing them.
The last step is to install the spring. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to install the springs properly.

Professional garage door installations in Cicero are preferred to DIY installations. This is because professional installers do not use as much time as a homeowner can use on the installation, they have the expertise needed and they offer warranties for their work. This is why you need to contact Roberts Garage Doors for your garage door installation needs. And also like our Facebook page.

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