Frequently Asked Questions About House Foundation Repair In Houston TX

When you have problems with the foundation underneath your home, it’s imperative that you get it fixed as quickly as possible. A shifting foundation can cause structural damage to your home and the cost of these repairs can get expensive. To learn the extent of the damage to your home, contact a qualified company that specializes in House Foundation Repair in Houston TX. Below you’ll find frequently asked questions and the answers about foundation problems and your home.

Q.) What are some common signs of home foundation problems?

A.) If you live in a brick home and you see horizontal cracks going down the mortar in the bricks, this is a sign that your house has shifted. If your basement walls have elongated cracks or if the walls are bowing in toward the center, this is another sign. If you notice that you have cracks running up toward the ceiling in the corners of your windows and doors inside of your house, this also signifies foundation problems.

Q.) What are some of the common causes of a shifting foundation?

A.) Your foundation can move for various reasons including poor home construction, insufficient drainage and tree roots. The condition of the soil underneath your home can also cause your foundation to shift. Ground that is too dry or soil that’s saturated with too much water can cause your foundation to shift and crack. As this happens, it causes stress to the foundation and the structure of your home.

Q.) What are the steps to take after discovering a cracked foundation?

A.) Immediately contact a qualified foundation inspection service to evaluate the damage to your home. After the inspection, a company that specializes in House Foundation Repair in Houston TX will examine your foundation and recommend a solution. The engineers will first address any drainage or tree root issues before starting the repairs. Next, they will level your home and install piles to reinforce the foundation so that it remains secure and stable.

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