Frequently Asked Questions About Chimney Repair Contractors In Baltimore MD

Before your damaged chimney becomes a fire hazard or falls down, contact professional chimney repair contractors in Baltimore MD. Experienced chimney technicians can repair chimney liners, replace broken masonry and fix chimney leaks. To learn about common chimney problems and the types of repairs needed, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What can a chimney contractor do to repair a leaking chimney?

A.) There are several reasons why a chimney may leak and these include a cracked chimney crown, broken bricks and missing flashing. Replacing missing or damaged flashing is a simple fix and many homeowners can perform this job themselves. Flashing is a metal material that’ s placed around the base of the chimney to keep water from leaking into seams on the roof. Water can easily penetrate bricks that are broken, so it’s best to have them replaced as quickly as possible. If the chimney crown is cracked, a chimney technician can make the necessary repairs to stop the leak.

Q.) Why is it important to have a reliable chimney liner?

A.) A chimney liner can keep your chimney and house from catching on fire. Smoke can travel down and enter the house when the chimney isn’t lined and the inside of the chimney will eventually get a buildup of creosote on the walls. This hard, black substance is hazardous and it releases toxins that are very harmful to a person’s health.

Q.) Is it dangerous to have broken bricks and loose mortar on a chimney?

A.) The stability of the chimney can be compromised when the mortar becomes loose and the bricks start to crack. When a homeowner has these types of chimney issues, it’s best to contact professional Chimney Repair Contractors in Baltimore MD. After an inspection of the chimney, a contractor will discuss the findings with the homeowner and make a recommendation for chimney repair or to completely rebuild the chimney.

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