Frequently Asked Questions About AC System Repair In Oahu

If you have an air conditioner emergency and the system is no longer keeping your house cool, contact an experienced AC System Repair Oahu area professional. A technician can quickly diagnose your air conditioner problem and repair it immediately so that your house is cool once again. Read the frequently asked questions listed below to learn about air conditioner problems and repair.

Q.) Should a homeowner try to repair a malfunctioning air conditioner instead of contacting a technician?

A.) Individuals who don’t know about the mechanics of an air conditioner should not attempt to repair the unit themselves. Improperly working on an air conditioner can cause excessive damage to the unit and it may be impossible to repair. If the air conditioner is not cooling the house properly, a homeowner can check the air filter and replace the old one if it’s dusty and full of dirt. Checking the outside unit to ensure that it’s getting enough airflow is another thing a homeowner can do. Sweeping off leaves, grass and debris around the system will increase the airflow of the unit so it can start cooling the home. If the unit doesn’t turn on at all, a homeowner should inspect the circuit breaker and look for a blown fuse in the electric box.

Q.) How can a homeowner tell if the air conditioner can be repaired or if it should be replaced?

A.) If the air conditioning system is over 10 years old, it’s probably time to replace the unit. Newer air conditioning systems are more energy efficient, they run quieter and they’re smaller. When the parts begin to fail in an older air conditioner, it’s not long before the unit will completely stop working. Instead of putting an abundance of money into parts for an older unit, a homeowner should contact an experienced AC System Repair Oahu area professional company to get an estimate for a new system.

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