Four Things to Look for In A Pediatric Dentist in San Antonio

Most children might feel a bit of apprehension about going to the dentist, even if you’ve taken steps to prepare them. Perhaps it’s just the first visit jitters, or maybe they’ve already had an unpleasant experience, and you’re finding it difficult to get them to return. These issues can be helped or even eliminated when you choose the right pediatric dentist for your child. Here are four things you should look for in a pediatric dentist to alleviate your child’s fear and make going to the dentist a lot less stressful.

1. Kid Friendly Atmosphere
When you walk into the office, you’ll want to feel like you’re stepping into a welcoming, kid-friendly environment. A good pediatric dentist will have toys and games in the waiting area, be decorated with bright colors, and be a generally cheerful place.

2. Cheerful, Loving Staff
You’ll want to carefully observe the staff to see how they handle their patients. You’ll want an office with a caring, compassionate, loving staff, who know how to deal with and calm down crying or frightened children. You’ll want to make sure that the dentist and their assistants have a sense of humor, warmly welcome your child, and make them feel at ease.

3. Pain Management and Sedation
In the case that your child may have to have a painful procedure, you’ll want to make sure that the office offers sedation techniques that will help calm your child. Many offices offer nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. You’ll also want to ask the dentist if they employ any sort of techniques for lessening the pain during injections or how they deal with explaining painful procedures to children.

4. Helpful and Accommodating
You’ll want to choose an office who answers all of your questions, does not rush you out of the office, and who has an answering service on call at all hours in case of emergency. You’ll also want an office that accommodates your requests to remain in the treatment room with your child, engages your child, and answers your child’s questions, as well!

Hopefully, these pointers will make it a bit easier for you to choose a dentist for your child. If you’re in the San Antonio TX area, My Child’s Dentist is just one great place to start your search for a pediatric dentist. Once you find the right dentist for your child, visits to the office will be just another appointment, and no longer a dreaded time for them to fear.

In need of a pediatric dentist in San Antonio TX? Contact My Child’s Dentist today to speak to an experienced, professional staff member about your child’s dental needs.

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