Four Things Customers Really Want From a Website

The elements of what makes a successful website are hard to pin down. We don’t consciously think of the way responsive web design keeps us coming back to our favourite websites during our daily browsing. Here are some of the things people most commonly want from websites:

1. Up-To-Date Websites

A website which looks like it hasn’t been updated in years is an instant turn off as it implies that the company also hasn’t kept up with the times. Simple things such as incorporating popular social networking sites, maintaining a regularly updated blog, or keeping up on basic SEO trends will keep your website up-to-date with what your customers like.

2. Simple Design

People want a website which is easy to navigate to find the things they need. A simple responsive web design that is pleasing to the eye and cuts out useless information (nobody wants a 12 page history of your company) is the best way to do this. A design that is too cluttered, unappealing, or complex will make people ‘bounce’ away from your website quickly and go to a competitor instead.

3. Easy Payment

If you’re selling something through your website, you want a payment system which is both secure and easy for the customer to use. Nobody wants to fill out an overly complex online form, sign up for an account they won’t use, or be bombarded with additional products they don’t want or need. Making the buying process as simple for your customers as possible is a much better way to entice them to buy more from you, as they will be impressed with how easy your website was to use.

4. Accessible Contact Information

Many customers or clients will be coming to your website to find contact information. A simple ‘contact us’ page with the contact method your customer base is all you need. You don’t need to give out your personal e-mail address or worry about being overloaded with unsolicited messages but people don’t want to fill in a form or jump through hoops to find a simple phone number. Make them clear and accessible, perhaps even listed on your home page.

The key to a successful business is to always think of the customer and keep them happy, and a well-designed website with responsive web design is the best way to do that. Avoid the bad web design sins and your website will keep customers rolling in.

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