Four Services Provided By a Chiropractic Clinic in Kennewick WA

Backs, necks, and knees are three of the most common areas on the body that require the help of a chiropractor to manage pain. A Chiropractic Clinic in Kennewick WA takes in patients who are having trouble with these areas and provides services to help them alleviate the pain they are feeling. There are four main services this clinic provides.

Joint Pain Relief

One of the main causes of symptoms is joint pain. This pain can be excruciating, and even limit the person’s ability to move. A chiropractor offers joint pain relief to those who need it. This can be done through massage or even physical therapy.

Spinal Analysis

The spine is the center of the body and holds everything together. If something is off with the spine, then it could be causing problems throughout the body. A chiropractor will complete a spinal analysis and determine which areas need work. They will then lightly touch those areas and work them out to alleviate whatever discomfort or problem is felt.

Somato Respiratory Integration

Somator Respiratory Integration refers to using breathing techniques to assist with pain management. Understanding the body and the way it works is also vital to this process. People need to learn to use their mind and body both in order to be more aware of their health and healing. With this service, chiropractors teach their patients to use all senses together.

Advice on Products

Many chiropractors have products available in their office that patients can utilize. They will discuss these products and their uses with their patients, and provide advice on which ones they feel would work the best for the individual. While one product may work well for overall weight loss to reduce the pressure placed on the body, another will simply provide necessary nutrients to keep the body healthy.

Individuals suffering from pain in their back, neck, knees, or other areas can consult with a chiropractor to determine a plan of treatment. A Chiropractic Clinic in Kennewick WA, such as Awaken Well Chiropractic, offers various services to meet every patient’s needs. Whether someone needs a simple massage or requires a different approach, the chiropractic care center will meet their demands.

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