Foundation Repair in Houston TX Will Improve the Integrity and Structure of Your Home

A foundation is more than just the bottom of a home. The combination of materials the foundation is made of safeguard against sliding. The foundation transfers the weight of the home to the soil it’s built upon. It also provides a stable surface for the upper part of the home to be built upon and guards against burrowing animals. When the foundation of a home is defective, it should be evaluated by a qualified contractor so he can formulate a plan for Foundation Repair in Houston TX.

There are three basic types of foundation: a basement, a crawl space, and a slab. A basement starts with a hole dug about 8 fee into the ground. After a hole is dug, concrete is poured into the hole to fashion the walls and floor. Pipes are added to allow for drainage. A crawl space is similar to a basement. However, a crawl space usually does not have a concrete floor and is only about three feet high. This foundation allow people easy access to the home’s electrical and plumbing systems. A slab concrete is poured directly onto the soil. Sometimes a layer of gravel is added for extra stability.

Numerous factors can contribute to the damage of foundation. Faulty construction, soil erosion, a leak in the plumbing, and inadequate drainage are just a few of the reasons a home’s foundation can fail. Some foundations have more than one factor that affect their integrity. There are some signs indicative of a foundation problem. These include wall rotation; displaced door and window moldings; separation of walls from house; cracks in walls and sloping floors. Many of these signs don’t occur immediately. Most form over a period of months or years. Only routine inspections of your home will indicate whether you have any of these signs.

If you suspect your have a foundation problem, call a qualified contractor who performs Foundation Repair in Houston TX. He will use advanced techniques to find out where your foundation is defective and the reasons for this defects. For additional information on foundation services, please browse around this site.

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