For Mediation or a Traditional Divorce, Call Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers in Hauppauge

The passage of the Marriage Equality Act of 2011 was highlighted by the many happy couples who had been waiting long to be able to marry and were excited that their time had finally arrived. Unfortunately, as countless couples have learned, no couple receives a guarantee of a happily ever after. Life happens, circumstances and feelings change, and sometimes it becomes necessary to seek assistance from same sex divorce lawyers in Hauppauge.

Divorce mediation offers substantial benefits to couples. In order to succeed, they must be able to communicate and remain civil with each other. This is made easier by the presence of an impartial mediator in a neutral setting.

Reduced Cost and Stress

Mediation is much less expensive than a traditional adversarial divorce. The divorcing couple is paying for one mediator, not legal fees for two lawyers. It is also less emotionally draining than a court battle. Issues are settled, not dragged on for months.

A Quicker Process

In a mediated divorce, the process is much simpler, with less paperwork and no court appearances are required. The spouses set their own timeframe instead of waiting months for two lawyers and a judge to find a mutually acceptable date.

Increased Control

If children are involved, co-parenting in the future can become easier for all concerned when custody, visitation and other issues are settled by those who care the most, not by the court. The couple sets the agenda for the meetings, deciding which issues need resolution. They have the final say over the terms of the final agreement, not the court.

More Personal Attention

Overworked divorce judges cannot spend the time to get to know the parties and issues as a trained mediator can. At court, judges speak to the attorneys, not the spouses. During mediation, the couple can work on reasonable and realistic compromises which will be best for both in the long run.

Increased Confidentiality and Flexibility

Mediation meetings are private and all documents and communications are confidential and private. Meetings can be scheduled for more convenient times than are possible with restricted court hours. Skype or conference calls may even be possible.

Same-sex couples can face unique challenges. Todd J. Zimmer & Associates has experienced same-sex divorce lawyers in Hauppauge with expertise in mediation or any other kind of divorce proceeding. They proudly support the Gay WhitePages. Call the office today to schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your options.

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