Flood, Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Company in Pittsburgh PA

It’s a very scary situation when smoke detectors begin to shrill a warning that there is smoke, and possibly a fire. It’s a blessing when, even though the entire house is full of smoke, it’s because of a furnace motor burning up. The fire department must still be called to make sure there is no fire inside the furnace, and once everyone is gone, the smoke begins to settle. The smoke is all over everything, and the whole house has an awful smell, which means the homeowner has to call one of the restoration companies in the area to clean everything. If they have insurance, the company will pay for the cleanup.

Fires are reported every day in the Pittsburgh area. Many people lose their lives, lose their homes and have to be cared for by the Red Cross, or friends and relatives. Other people who have smoke damage call Metro Restoration to get the odor and smoke dirt off their upholstery, carpeting and walls. They call the Fire Damage Restoration Company in Pittsburgh PA that’s ready to clean everything spotlessly. They clean the smoke covered walls and furniture, plus they sanitize everything to get rid of the odors.

Many homes that do experience a fire are often water logged after the fire has been put out. If the home is still livable, the restoration company must be called to dry out the home and make sure mold hasn’t set up residence on the walls and floors. The carpeting and padding has to be removed because the company won’t take a chance on dangerous toxic mold creating a health risk for the family. Breathing this fungus into the lungs poses a danger to anyone suffering from allergies or chronic bronchitis. Mold can also have a devastating effect on the elderly and small children.

Whether a home has been flooded when a nearby creek overflowed, or pipes in the home burst, calling a first rate fire damage restoration company in Pittsburgh PA is wise. These companies also clean and sanitize air ducts to get the pollution, mold spores and dust out of them. They know how important it is for a family to breath in fresh smelling, clean, and toxic free air. They offer services for real estate agents and are available for 24 hour emergency services.

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