Fleurville Diaper Bags – A Must Have For New Moms!

When it’s time to make sure a new mom has everything she needs to care for her new bundle of joy, the diaper bag is often overlooked. This seemingly small, relatively minor detail, however, will fast become one of the most important once that bouncing baby boy or girl arrives. If mom needs the very best, Fleurville diaper bags deliver.

Why Fleurville?

There are a lot of manufacturers of diaper bags out there, but few know how to take designer elements and wrap them together with practical quite like Fleurville. This company puts a mom’s needs first in every design – comfort, safety, practicality – while never losing sight of the desire for a diaper bag to also look stylish. The end result is a product that’s meant to look great, serve a mom through those all-important first years and stand up to wear and tear. It’s an investment that pays off.

What to Look For in a Bag

Diaper bags are not glorified purses that fetch a lot of money while serving the same purpose. The best are designed to offer moms the portable storage they really need for all those important items that need to be toted right along with the baby. Some of the hallmarks of a great diaper bag include:

  • Roomy central storage – A great diaper bag has a large center pouch that’s perfect for carrying not only diapers, but also receiving blankets, extra clothes, a few toys and other essentials. The more roomy the central compartment, the better.
  • Strategic pockets – Great diaper bags are also designed to offer secure storage for items that might not be great to mix with dry items, such as clean diapers and clothes. A bottle carrier, a place for wipes, a pocket that can be used along with a liner bag for soiled tiny diapers and other smart hiding spots are all essential.
  • Changing essentials – Some of the best designs today also include portable changing pads to make it easy to change the baby on the run without having to worry about soiling surfaces in friends’ homes, for example.

A diaper bag is more than a purse – it’s an essential tote that ensures baby always has what’s needed on the go. Fleurville diaper bags deliver the basics and blend them beautifully with style, helping a new mom feel great and look great, too.

Ready to look into Fleurville diaper bags? Be sure to visit us online at www.gotobaby.


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