Flat Feet in Children: When Should Parents Seek Pediatric Foot Care?

About one to two children out of every ten have a condition called flat feet. While children are born without arches in their feet, arches typically form by the time a child reaches the age of two or three. Though having flat feet does not necessarily mean a child needs Pediatric Foot Care, symptoms can begin to develop which can lead a child to need medical intervention.

These signs should alert a parent to contact a Podiatrist so their child’s feet can be fully examined:

* If the child is complaining of leg pain or that their legs feel weak and tired after playing, their feet could be to blame. A flat-footed child’s leg muscles must work extra hard to keep the feet and legs moving and in the proper positions.

* Children that have difficulty walking should be checked. In some children, flat feet causes tripping and difficulty keeping the feet straight. A pediatric Podiatrist can help by offering treatment options that will strengthen the muscles of the foot and encourage arch formation.

* When a child’s feet appear flat at all times, they may need to be checked by the Pediatric Foot Care Podiatrist. Some children have an arch when their foot is relaxed but develop a flat foot appearance when their feet are bearing weight.

* Children that begin shying away from running and playing may need to be checked. Often, children realize they cannot run like other children or they find themselves falling when trying to run.

Thankfully, there are non-surgical treatments that can help children with flat feet. The Podiatrist can work with the child and parents to instruct them on different exercises that can be done to strengthen the muscles in the foot. There are also special orthotic devices that children can wear in their shoes that will provide added support in the arch area so they can walk better and feel less pain.

To learn more about pediatric foot conditions, visit . They can help your child overcome the symptoms they are experiencing because of their flat-footed condition. Call the office today and schedule a consultation appointment to learn about treatment options.

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