Five Steps to a Full House Demolition in Minnetonka, MN

Demolition is the only option for some homes. The decision is one that is not always easy to make. It may be a beloved family home damaged by a powerful storm or flood or an old house that was a focal point in the neighborhood for generations. When houses sit empty or are not maintained for years it can become too costly or simply not possible to make them safe for habitation again. Demolition cleans up the lot for a fresh build and removes unsightly structures that lower the property values of neighboring homes. Here is how to do it safely and efficient.

  • Step One: Check with municipal offices to determine zoning laws and what permits are needed to demolish a property.
  • Step Two: Double check to be certain that all utilities to the property are shut off.
  • Step Three: Remove from the home anything salvageable. Abandoned properties may have some furnishings with value or an older home may have vintage decorative trim or brick or tile worth reusing.
  • Step Four: Have an inspection performed. It is not uncommon to discover hazardous materials during a
  • House Demolition in Minnetonka MN: Most demolition teams will inspect the area for themselves but many homeowners prefer to have some advance warning that these materials are present.
  • Step Five: Contact a demolition company for a detailed estimate. The estimate should include the inspection, the demolition, and the removal of all materials. Some companies that perform demolition also offer backfill and leveling, excavation services and much more. Determine what the needs beyond the demolition will be and ask for estimates on that work as well. It is often much more affordable to have one company do everything while they are there rather than hire a second company to perform the groundwork at a later date.

With an estimate and all required permits in-hand the demolition can begin. Unless the structure is very large house demolition in Minnetonka MN will usually be completed in a couple of days or less. Additional work like excavation or grading may take an additional day depending on the lot size. Contact Nitti Inc for a demolition estimate or for more information about the services they offer.

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