Fireplace Gas Insert – New Efficient Heating for Your Home

Are you depending on your central heating system to such a degree that it is costing you an excessive amount of money each month? Do you have any other solution available to offset these costs and still have the warmth you need in your living spaces? Your answer to these questions may lead you to the option of purchasing a fireplace gas insert in your home. Some of the features you can expect from purchasing one of these inserts are mentioned below.

Old Fireplace Inefficiency

Those old fireplaces with the wood burning, the soot spreading around and the smoke emanating from the fireplace were quite charming in their time. However, their efficiency was very small compared to today’s modern units. In fact, their efficiency only registered at about 5 to 10 percent. The majority of the heat was lost into the surrounding material the chimney and up through the chimney into the outside air.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

The modern fireplace gas insert discards the inefficiencies of the past and operates within a cast iron or steel enclosed fireproof box it also includes insulated gas at the front of the unit. The heat that is manufactured through this closed combustion system is not lost to the outside air. Some units utilize a blower that draws heated air from within the room back into the unit.

Ease of Use

These units are easy to use. They can be started efficiently most of the time by flipping a switch or pressing a button, or using a remote control from anywhere in the room. From the moment the unit is turned on, the warmth from the fireplace begins to emanate into the living area.

A fireplace gas insert allows you to start a warm fire instantly. As well, you won’t have to spend time cleaning up after the fire has burned out. These fires never burn out as long as there is a supply of gas feeding the unit.

You also have various options when it comes to color and design to match the décor of your indoor living space.

If you are looking for a fireplace that can create heat in an efficient and fast manner, consider the options you have available from an experienced supplier of fireplace inserts.

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