Finding the Right Hydraulic Single Acting Cylinder for any Application

If you work in a field that employs any heavy machinery, chances are those machines incorporate single acting hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders are what allow excavators to move such large amounts of material or cranes to function at great heights. Single acting hydraulic cylinders have numerous applications across a wide variety of industries, and there are many projects that require a custom-made cylinder.

Fortunately, there is hydraulic cylinder manufacturing companies that will design and create completely customized cylinders. If your machine or project requires a single acting cylinder of a specific size or fabricated from a certain material, you should contact a custom manufacturer. Having a cylinder custom-made to your specifications is a much faster process than you might imagine. Nothing can match the performance and quality of a cylinder made exclusively for your unique application.

Details of a Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

A single acting cylinder is a specific kind of hydraulic cylinder. It’s a reciprocating engine in which a working fluid drives the piston. In single acting hydraulic cylinders, the fluid only acts on one side of the piston, and the piston is returned to its original position by some mechanical device such as a spring or flywheel. A double acting cylinder, on the other hand, is designed so that the working fluid acts on both sides of the piston, driving it back and forth.

What to Look for in a Manufacturer

A hydraulic cylinder is a critical component of your machine, and a custom-made cylinder is extremely valuable. When you are choosing a manufacturer, find a company that truly cares about making a reliable product. Your customized hydraulic cylinder should meet your design specifications and function perfectly. There are a few things to look for that are the marks of a high-quality manufacturer.

A reliable manufacturer encourages collaboration during the entire process. You want to find a company that allows you access to its engineers, welders, and other professionals who are involved in making your cylinder. Additionally, there should be a high level of care and precision in every step of the manufacturing. One example of this is a company that invests in the most technologically advanced washing and painting machinery. A single acting cylinder must be flawless to perform in top condition, and one way to manage that is the finishing procedures. Advanced washing machines ensure that every cylinder is thoroughly clean before it’s dried.

No matter what industry your business is part of, you can greatly improve your machinery by having a hydraulic cylinder custom made. You can work with the manufacturer to find the perfect combination of design and materials. Once your new cylinder is built, you can install it in your machinery and appreciate the results.

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