Finding Ideal Garage Doors in Chicago IL

There are various types of garage doors Chicago IL. The doors are installed and repaired by professionals who are reliable and efficient. The different models depend on, amongst other factors, the materials used in the manufacture, size and how they work. Below are the main categories into which the doors in Chicago IL are classified:


Hollow Steel Doors
This is a series of high quality garage doors that are offer adequate security to the garage. Hollow steel doors are both attractive and secure regardless of the location of the building. They are divided into main models that are effective and exemplary in performance. The 2250, 2251, 4250 and 4251 doors offer value for money and extended service. They are a combination of unique panel design and the magnificence that is brought about by wood. The doors are available in four different colors, but all of them have a common feature of affordability. The panels also vary in size and make which ensures that there is almost everything for people with different tastes and preferences. Similarly, the 2240, 2241, 4240 and 4241 garage doors have the traditional appearance which makes them truly beautiful. They are heavy duty in nature and are offered in 5 color options that complement any type of the building.


Insulated Steel Doors
The insulated garage doors are economical both in price, energy-efficiency, and maintenance. They also offer protection from all elements. The 2283, 4283 and 2284 doors have a long-lasting steel exterior that is quite easy to clean. The doors are designed to handle all the demands of the current market while guaranteeing longevity and uninterrupted operations inside the garage. The 2216, 4216 and 2217 doors have outstanding performance capability in any kind of weather conditions. Both the inside and outside are made of steel with foamed urethane placed in between the two layers. This helps reduce tendencies of infiltration and protects the doors from other elements.


AR-BE Garage Doors Inc. has reliable and experienced technicians that specialize in installation, repair and maintenance of the lift master garage doors Chicago IL. Their maintenance services include the repair of broken springs, and door parts, as well as the replacement of hinges, tracks and rollers. There estimates are fair and the work gets done within a specified time.


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