Find the Right Door Opener for Your Garage

When selecting a door opener for your garage, you have a variety to select from. There are several factors you should consider when choosing a residential door opener in Madison WI. A professional company can help you find the right opener that will fit your unique needs when it comes to accessing your garage. There are three types of garage openers available on the market today. A screw-drive system that lifts and lowers the door with a steal rod that is threaded, they are very powerful and require low maintenance since they contain very few parts to make them move. There are belt-driven systems that are popular because they are quiet when they are being operated and provide a smooth drive. With their strong steel-belted tire, they are perfect for lifting heavy doors. One of the least expensive systems is the chain-drive that uses a metal chain to lift and lower the door along its track. However, these doors make more noise than the other two openers do.

Select an Opener that Has the Power You Require

It depends on the style of door that you have on which opener would suit your needs. If you have a heavy door or double doors, you will want to purchase one that offers the power required to move the doors efficiently. You will want to look for an opener that will start or stop softly to help reduce the amount of wear and tear that will be put on the door. The amount of power that is used will also determine how fast the door will open, reducing the amount of time you have to wait to enter or exit the garage.

Purchase an Opener that Offers Safety Features

The last thing you want is for someone to be injured by a door that is being closed. To help prevent injuries a federal law was passed requiring that all door openers provide a feature that will prevent the door from closing on people and objects that are in their path, such as an electronic beam. If someone was to cross this beam or an object falls in its path. It will trigger the safety feature causing the door to open back up. Another feature you want to search for is garage openers that generate a new code each time the door is opened. This will help prevent your neighbor’s remote from opening yours and criminals from finding out what your code is.

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