Find Relief from Your Sex Addiction at Rehab

Treating a sex addiction is much like treating a drug addiction. In order for treatment to be effective the addicts needs to be separated from any temptation or sexual activity. This is when professional sex rehab centers are used. You can enroll yourself in a sex rehab center so you can begin the detox phase of rehabilitation. This phase takes a few weeks and can be different for each patient. The goal is to get abnormal sexual impulses under control and make them manageable. Once an addict has been separated from harmful sexual compulsions, then intensive therapy can begin with a trained professional.

Group and Private Sessions Are Healthy Counseling Options
Therapists tend to meet with sex addicts one-on-one and in group settings which brings underlying causes of sex addiction to the forefront. During individual counseling sessions your therapist will help you work through deep rooted issues that could be causing your addiction. You will be provided with healthy solutions concerning how to deal with those types of issues. In a group setting you will get the opportunity to meet others who share your same addiction. Stories are typically shared with the entire group. This type of counseling creates a deeply supportive environment with other addicts just like you so you feel accepted and understood.

Curb the Desire to Relapse with Sex Addiction Aftercare
After rehab you will more than likely face situations that make you want to relapse. This is completely normal since you are now face to face with temptation again. Professional rehab facilities understand this and offer aftercare so the transition back into real life goes much easier. You will learn how to deal with those temptations that arise with additional counseling and programs set up to walk you through the steps of remaining in control of your addiction.

Seek Residential Rehabilitation or Outpatient Rehab for Sex Addiction
You can also seek sex addiction treatment at an outpatient facility that allows you to get treatment during the day. Then you can either go to a sober living facility or home. This makes it easier for you to remain on track after you have left an in-patient rehab facility. Essentially an outpatient facility can assist you in becoming a fully functioning, and contributing member of society. Where residential rehabilitation is concerned you will receive care 24/7 in a room with an apartment or dorm style of living. This can relive any pressures you feel on a daily basis and focuses primarily on your recovery.

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