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Get that massage – you deserve it

Get that massage you’ve been waiting for! Visit one of the magical places such as nearby Facials Milwaukee and indulge your senses, release all your tensions and free those stresses away with amazing massage therapies. Discover an array of unique strokes and relaxing techniques delivered by their specialists. Whether you enjoy a relaxing massage, soothing facial, restorative body treatment, or combine therapies for a luxurious spa day, the highly trained, certified, and experienced staff will make sure that you feel incredibly rested and renewed.

Solve problems with skin texture

If you need facials, photofacial is the best you can get these days. The newest advancement in the field of fractional laser skin revitalization is Picosecond Laser Facial Revitalization. Total Body Laser Skin Cares also offer advanced treatments for skin rejuvenation. Age spots due to sun damage respond well to Picosecond Laser treatment. Problems with skin texture including wrinkles and acne scars are also effectively treated in this way. There is often improvement after only one or two treatments. Optimal improvement is seen after a series of three to five treatments.

Magical chemical peels

Have you ever heard about chemical peels? Those facial treatments which Facials Milwaukee offers improve the skin’s appearance. A chemical solution is applied to the skin, which makes it “blister” and eventually peels off. The new skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. There are facial treatments such as LATIC 20% which improves the appearance of fine lines and increases collagen production, SALICYLIC 30% which deeply cleanses pores with antiseptic properties, GLYCOLIC 30% OR 60% which repair and regenerates skin, and MODIFIED JESSNER 14% which reduce the appearance of melasma facial discoloration, freckles, acne and mild rosacea. Make your appointment and enjoy.

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