Fast drying hand dryers

Although warm air hand dryers have been constantly improved since their introduction in the late 1940s, the one common complaint has always been the length of time it takes to dry the hands completely. It was this “time to dry” issue that made many business owners think twice before replacing their traditional paper towels. It was not that hand dryers were not good for the environment, would save money and reduce maintenance in the rest room, it was just a concern about the time.

Fast drying hand dryers:

With greatly improved technology, the automatic hand dryer industry has been quick to introduce new and improved products. Not only are today hand dryers very fast, they are far more energy efficient and, with the help of HEPA filters, extremely clean and bacteria free.

Fast drying hand dryers improve people movement. In busy venues such as theaters, sports arenas, etc where there is limited time available to visit the rest room, far more people can use the facility when it only takes 10 or 15 seconds to dry their hands. As well as this, fast drying hand dryers save money, they use less energy and they run for a shorter period of time.


Technology has allowed the introduction of “no touch” hand dryers. There are many models available that, rather than function by the touch of a button, are activated by an infrared sensor. These hand dryers are the most hygienic method known to dry hands and since they start and stop with the movement of hands, they run no longer than is absolutely necessary; there is no timer cycle.

All hand dryers, regardless of the technology that is used in their manufacture are far more hygienic than paper towels. Paper towels end up stuffed in toilets, left in the sink and thrown on the floor.

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