FAQs About Workers Compensation Settlements In Macomb County, MI

In Michigan, employers are required to purchase workers compensation insurance when they have two or more workers employed by their company. This does include any employees who are related to the employer or business owner, and the policy must provide adequate coverage for probable injuries that could occur in the work environment. A local attorney can answer questions about Workers Compensation Settlements in Macomb County MI.

Should an Attorney Review the Settlement Offer?

Yes, the attorney should assess any settlement offers that are presented to an injured worker, and they should review the financial losses of this worker to compare these calculations. The attorney can determine if the worker receives a fair settlement or if it is feasible to take the case to court.

Should the Worker Discuss Their Case with Their Employer?

No, the injured worker should never discuss their legal claim with their employer or any representative of the insurance provider. Any information they obtain from the worker will be used in the case and could discredit the worker’s claim altogether. The worker should allow their attorney to manage all communications related to their case.

Who is the Defendant in a Worker’s Compensation Lawsuit?

Typically, the defendant in a worker’s compensation lawsuit is the employer and the insurance provider. The employer is sued according to their role in causing the worker’s injuries, and the insurer faces legal action for denying access to benefits.

Can the Employer Fire the Injured Worker?

The employer can only fire the injured worker if this worker violated company policies, and they cannot fire the worker just because they sustained injuries. A just reason for termination would be if the worker failed a drug or alcohol test when they received medical attention for their injuries.

In Michigan, employers must follow federal laws pertaining to adequate insurance coverage, and they must have worker’s compensation after hiring more than one worker. The policy must provide medical coverage for these injuries and offer employees benefits according to the severity of their injuries. Victims of these injuries who want to review possible Workers Compensation Settlements in Macomb County MI can browse our website right now.

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