Facts to Know about Soul Retrieval Training

Soul Retrieval Training involves inducing a deep state of mediation into a person, which is achieved by use of shamanic music and drumming to activate the right side of the brain. This activation of the right side of the brain and receiving a soul retrieval helps restore the lost aspect of a person’s character leading to the ultimate healing of the body and soul.

Why is soul retrieval necessary?

Sometimes, physical and psychological problems can be overwhelming in one’s life resulting into withdrawal or denial in an attempt to block out the reality, wishing the problem to disappear on its own. This, however, does not work, but instead the problem gradually eats into his subconscious mind until the symptoms of the soul loss begin to be apparent. These symptoms are usually manifested in the form of poor choices in life partners, inability to concentrate, experiencing recurrent accidents and feeling emotionally drained among others.

While medical treatment and physical therapy have proven ineffective in dealing with physical and psychological problems, soul retrieval is conceived to be an effective supplement in achieving complete healing. The ultimate benefits of soul retrieval training include feeling more relaxed, orderliness, focused and being jovial most of the times. It also confers a feeling of self-worthiness, self-confidence, self-control as well as self-esteem.

How is soul retrieval done?

The practitioner will repair the soul loss by summoning the inherent power animal in the patient that deals with the injured aspects of their character. The specialist induces the person into a deep state of relaxation without requiring the person to re-live the traumatic past. This ensures that a person does not retreat into the past in which they may have encountered immense pain and suffering.

Soul Retrieval Training at LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine is done professionally, and students are also given opportunities of becoming advanced shamanic healers.

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