Facts About Dental Root Canals in Salem OR

Each tooth is made up of two parts, the dentin is the internal part and the enamel ( the hard part) is the external part. In the center of the tooth are the blood vessels and the nerves. They are located in a very small canal which is considered the “living” part of the tooth.

Why undergo a root canal?

When the nerve is dead or too sick, the pain becomes unbearable, and the tooth may develop an abscess. Getting dental root canals in Salem OR are, thus, very important. The reasons for root canal therapy are due to:

  • The presence of bacteria and pus in the canal that causes an abscess
  • The tooth’s nerve is dead
  • The nerve, which is sufficiently degrading on a daily basis, gives no sign that it is healing
  • The use of the canal as an anchorage piece in order to install crowns or dentures

In all these situations, the best solution is a root canal. A root canal treatment involves emptying, cleaning, sterilizing, and sealing the canals of the tooth. Thus, the patient’s dead tooth can be preserved.

What are the preliminary symptoms for a root canal treatment?

Generally speaking, the tooth will hurt the patient and present some swelling. It is, however, possible to have an abscess and some decay (which killed the nerve) and never experience any pain. How does a dentist confirm that a patient must have a root canal?

A few tests should be performed to confirm that the nerve is dead or sick. First, an X-ray of the root should be taken. A percussion test is performed by bumping lightly on the tooth using the small mirror.

In the case of an abscess, the tooth is much more painful than the others. Dentists also do a cold test. This involves applying a cold cotton swab to the teeth involved.

Normally the teeth should feel cold. If a tooth feels extreme cold or no cold at all, it is sick or dead. An electrical test (vitalometer) can also be used to know the state of the nerve. The above steps are routine when it comes to dental root canals in Salem OR.

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