Factors to Consider Before Calling for Professional AC Repair in Sparks

A home environment should have the proper indoor air to be comfortable and conducive to healthful living. An air conditioner is a major appliance that can alter indoor air, so it has the correct levels of warmth and moisture. It also removes unwanted substances such as allergens, toxins, mold, and dust. Before calling a repairman for professional AC repair in the Sparks area when an AC system does not work right, it’s beneficial to check certain factors. Doing this can save a person time and money.

Some homeowners fail to check their filters like they should. This device is a disposable or reusable item. It’s usually located in the return air duct or around the furnace. A filter helps remove impurities and toxins from the air before it enters the main part of the AC system. When a filter is too dirty, an air conditioner can’t adequately perform its job. Also, a dirty filter will put excess strain on an AC system to operate properly. This can result in a diminished useful life. The filter should be checked about once a month and changed when dirty.

When an air conditioner is not working right, a homeowner should inspect the drain line. This is a tube that allows condensate to exit the AC system. Because this tube is moist, it’s a prime location for algae growth. Also, debris that gets into the system can exit out of this tube. There can be an accumulation of this debris. This can cause water to back up into the system and onto your floor. A person should use an appropriate tool to clean it out.

It’s essential to check the thermostat. To test it, the air conditioner should be turned to the “on” position. It should also be in the “heat” mode. The temperature setting on the thermostat should be raised to a degree higher than the temperature of the room it’s in. Because the heating coils have to warm up, it can take a few moments for the AC system to start. Next, the AC system should be put in the “cool” mode. The temperature of the AC system should be lower than the temperature of the room the thermostat it in. The AC system should start right up when it’s working right. When these fail to produce a desired result, it may be time to get professional AC Repair in Sparks.

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