Factors Considered by Roofing Contractors in Topeka KS Involving Adding Another Layer of Shingles

Roofing Contractors in Topeka KS let homeowners know whether they can add a layer of shingles over an existing layer as a method for installing a new roof. Typically this can be done without problems, and it offers some advantages. Adding more shingles is significantly less expensive than having to tear off all the existing shingles and start over. Also, the extra shingles provide more insulation. The main issue will be whether the structure can handle the extra weight, and that usually isn’t a problem except with much older homes.

If two layers have already been installed, roofing contractors in Topeka KS will not add a third set of asphalt shingles. The weight is generally too heavy and poses the risk of roof collapse. This is a particular concern in regions that receive snow accumulation. The Topeka area experiences occasional snowstorms, and wet snow adds, even more, weight to the roof. Some insurance companies will not cover homes with three layers of shingles. If a homeowner does find someone, such as a handyman, who is willing to install a third covering, this will also cause problems when the time comes to sell the house. Home buyers typically do not want a place with this type of roof.

In many cases, roofers can install a metal roof over two sets of shingles. That’s because metal roofing material is very lightweight. However, most homeowners opt for the asphalt shingles even if they need to get two layers torn off first since metal roofing is still more expensive than that big job entails.

It’s important for homeowners to understand that if they plan to live in this house for many years to come, they’ll probably eventually need a brand new roof. A two-layer roof does not last as long as a brand new roof. The cost of getting two sets of shingles removed and disposed of is substantially higher than the removal of only one layer. The roofing crew puts in extra labor, and a larger dumpster needs to be rented for disposal purposes. Homeowners can Visit Alpha Roofing for contact information so they can ask questions about cost considerations to make an informed decision.

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