Face, Body, Age – the Trinity of Cosmetic Surgery

While the number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery is rising, the reasons for doing so remain pretty much constant.

Whether due to personal reasons, firming up after weight loss, fixing disfigurements caused by accidents, or simply trying to halt the signs of the unavoidable aging process, cosmetic surgery is always undertaken with the aim of helping the patient look and feel better about themselves.

Although the list of individual cosmetic surgery procedures available is extensive, it can be broken down into three segments, with each segment having its own set of common operations.

For those who wish to rejuvenate their face at any stage of life, facial features can be reshaped and skin blemishes removed. Parts of the body are often lifted, firmed or slimmed depending on what the patient requires while anti-aging procedures can also be administered in later life to help individuals look and feel younger.

Face, body, and anti-aging: the trinity of cosmetic surgery.

Facial cosmetic surgery

Many people, if given the chance, would like to change at least one thing about their facial appearance. This sense of self-awareness or dissatisfaction may stem from certain individual features or it may be with the overall shape of the face.

Common procedures carried out on facial features include rhinoplasty for nasal reshaping and blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the areas around the eyes. Operations to alter the overall shape of the face come in the form of neck lifts to remove sagging skin from below the jaw, brow lifts to reduce wrinkles and sagging around the forehead and eyebrows, and facelifts to smooth and tighten the skin around the eyes, mouth, and jawline.

Facial cosmetic surgery can drastically improve the lives of people who undergo the procedures, and the effect of the increased confidence in your own appearance cannot be overstated.

However, altering your facial appearance is not a decision that can be taken lightly. Only after careful discussion with a qualified surgeon should you decide whether or not facial cosmetic surgery is right for you.

Cosmetic surgery for the body

The wealth of procedures available to those who wish to undergo cosmetic surgery on the body means there is a solution to most of the reasons people have to change their body shape.
Some procedures help to reduce unwanted features while others seek to boost parts of the body that the individual would like to make more prominent.

In the former category, liposuction procedures remove fat and are often combined with abdominoplasties, or tummy tucks, which remove the excess skin that can be left after weight loss. Arm and thigh lifts perform similar functions while reduction mammoplasties are undergone to reduce the size of the breasts.

Conversely, breast augmentation and breast fat transfer work to accentuate those areas.
As with facial cosmetic surgery, a consultation with a qualified surgeon is necessary in helping you decide whether cosmetic surgery for the body is right for you.

Anti-aging cosmetic surgery

Time waits for no man or woman, but anti-aging procedures can help you to look and feel younger no matter how old you are. Common types of anti-aging cosmetic treatments and procedures include Botox and dermal fillers.

The former can be injected to smooth out wrinkles and crow’s feet via controlled weakening of the muscle while the latter can be used to fill areas below depressions in the skin or scarring.
To rejuvenate the skin, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing treatments are all popular among patients.

While facial, body and anti-aging cosmetic surgery procedures are effective in achieving the results desired by the patient, it’s vital to consult with a board certified and experienced surgeon to ensure you fully understand the procedures and get qualified advice on how to proceed.

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