Eyeglass Frames in Bronx NY to Complement Your Face Shape

Trying to find the right pair of frames for your prescription eyeglasses can be a challenging task. You may be wondering how you can determine what style of frames complement your face and maximize your features. In order to give you some insight about your options, let us look at the different face shapes and available matching eyeglass frames. Bronx, NY eyeglass customers may want to consider the following options.

Upside Down Triangle

Semi rimless frames can balance out the proportions of an upside down triangle shaped face. The natural curves of your face are automatically enhanced when less attention is given to the bottom half of the frame. As well, wide frames at the bottom that also do not taper inward can even out the proportions of this face type.


An oval shaped face is considered among the most adaptable since the majority of frame sizes and styles seem to complement this type of face. Moderately sized eyeglass frames are preferable with an oval face – in other words the frame should not reach past the widest portion of your face.


With a square shaped face, the jaw line is the focal point of attention. Therefore, a narrow and smaller frame that is also round or oval can work to balance the appearance.


This type of face is proportioned longer than it is wide. It can be balanced out effectively with a large frame with a lower bridge to make the nose shorter in appearance. This type of face can also benefit from frames that are solid dark in color.


Rectangular eyeglass frames complement a round face very well. Symmetry of the face is enhanced and the eyes are separated appropriately with wide bridges. The width of the frames should be wider than their depth.


A diamond shaped face is characterized by broad cheekbones. Frames in the cat eye family are highly suited to this type of face. Semi rimless frames and flare top frames following the contours of the face, as well as certain colors can work well with this face shape.


A triangle shaped face is also complemented well with cat eye frames. These types of eyeglass frames available to Bronx, NY residents who wear glasses are stylish and accentuate the upper portion of the frames and temples, drawing attention to the narrow forehead.

In addition to the styles and shapes mentioned above, particular colors may also work well with certain types of faces. You may fall into the category of having either a warm, yellow skin tone or a cool, blue skin tone. Some believe that it is best to choose frame colors that fall into the same family of the skin tone.

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