Extent Authenticity to Sodas with Jarritos Distributors in Connecticut

Most customers go to Mexican restaurants to get authentic food that is fresh and healthy. They are expecting rice and beans, tamales, chimichangas, great sauces and spices, and crunchy chips. Provide something extra that they may not expect.

Jarritos is the first national soda brand of Mexico. It is unique, available in refreshing flavors, and will compliment any dish on the menu. Most places do not carry it, but Jarritos Distributors in Connecticut can resolve that situation at wholesale pricing.

Eleven Flavors

Jarritos Distributors in Connecticut carry eleven flavors of the soda. Simple flavors, such as fruit punch, orange, mango, fresh (strawberry), and lime may be instantly popular. Guava, pina, grapefruit, Jamaica, and tamarind may require some introduction and getting used to for some customers.

Owners may want to offer samples when they begin to carry the sodas. It is a fantastic marketing tool, will be inexpensive, and may well attract new customers to the location. They will arrive to taste the sodas and order food to go with them.


The product is available in small quantities, assortment cases, and larger quantities to accommodate the needs of any restaurant. Food truck operators can order assortment cases to offer different flavors without needing a lot of space. Mexican restaurant food chains can order large quantities to save money.

Jarritos can be delivered to states from Maine to Pennsylvania. Be the first restaurant in the neighborhood to provide this product and stand out from the competition. Displays, signs, and menu letters are available to help restaurants promote the new addition of authentic Mexican sodas.

Other Soft Drinks

Juices and sparkling water drinks in a variety of flavors are also popular in Mexico. Those are also available at wholesale prices. The water flavors are in space-saving, concentrated packaging. It is all set to be hooked up to the mixing machine or the bar hose for easy access. American sodas are offered as well because many restaurants wish to offer them to customers.

Authentic Foods

Hundreds of authentic food products are also available. Beans, cheeses, chiles, tamales, Rojas, spices and oils, and proteins are a few categories in which to explore. Owners can Browse our website to view food, ingredients, desserts, and even equipment.

A tortilla manufacturing factory is operated by the company to provide fresh tortillas daily. These are made from secret family recipes handed down for generations. Now, that is authentic!

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