Exploring the Wineries of Michigan’s Traverse City

Fine wining and dining is probably the best way to relax on a fall afternoon, watching the golden-to-red foliage slowly shed itself in the crisp, cold, refreshing forest air. And Traverse City has no shortage of beautiful forests – or amazing wines.

With over forty wineries to choose from and visit, you would be hard-pressed to decide your favorites within a single visit to the city – the choices are immense, and each one is there for any and all to come, visit and have a taste. Located on the shoreline of the grand, majestic Lake Michigan, Traverse City is known as the Cherry Capital of the World – but its bounty extends far beyond that red little fruit. Still in its golden season, Traverse City is a spring, summer, fall and winter destination all at once. With beautiful snowscapes, slopes and skiing resorts in the depths of the colder months, and harvest festivals all throughout the year, there’s more than meets the eye in this little city of 15,000 people.

Being on the same latitude as the famous French wine regions – 45 degrees, between the North Pole and the equator – Traverse City, Michigan shares similar weather qualities, as well. This makes for excellent wine, and lots of it. Traverse’s history as wine country began in the vast world of white wines – but reds like Pinot Noir and Merlot also find their way into a visiting wine-tasters glass. Traverse’s more famous contribution to the world of wines is the ice wine – a wine made from winter-frozen grapes, flavorful and sweet to match with the best of the best in desserts.

Traverse City wineries are all included in several wine tours for tourists to indulge in – and for those without transportation, Wine and Beer Tours can arrange for a safe and pleasant shuttle service from each destination on their itinerary. Beautiful, rolling hills, acres and acres of red and white globes hanging from dark vines, and microbreweries among wineries producing some of the most elegant alcohol in the country – and perhaps even the world. Renowned internationally for its white wines, Traverse City is even the focus of an upcoming, potential reality TV show.

No matter what part of the city you wish to spend your day in, you can’t go wrong with visiting a winery on either of the region’s two peninsulas. In the summer, wine festivals are abloom with hundreds of visitors and about as many attractions, from various wines to delicious dishes.

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