Exploring Landlord Tenant Rights in Chicago

In Illinois, all laws must be followed when a rental property is provided to a tenant. A lease contract starts prior to the tenant moving into the home and is enforced by state laws. All terms of the lease must be followed as they appear in the lease. A local attorney helps both rental property owners and tenants with claims under landlord tenant rights in Chicago.

Fulfilling Contractual Obligations

Each party is required to fulfill all contractual obligations as outlined in the lease agreement. The property owner must arrange for repairs as necessary and eliminate common hazards. The tenant is required to provide rental payments on time.

Managing Property Damage

The lease defines the requirement if property damage occurs. Any storm or fire damage that wasn’t caused by the tenant is the responsibility of the property owner. If the tenant causes damage, they are required to pay for all needed repairs or file a claim through their renter’s insurance. If the tenant leaves and doesn’t repair the property, the property owner is within their rights to file a legal claim.

Legal Claims for Injuries

If the tenant or their family sustains injuries, the tenant is within their rights to sue the property owner. Under most lease contracts, the property owner is required to mitigate risks that could produce an injury. If they fail to provide the duty to their tenant, the property owner can be held accountable for the injuries and all related costs.

Enforcing the Terms of the Lease

The property owner has the right to utilize the court to enforce the terms of the lease. If the tenant doesn’t pay their rent, the property owner can follow local laws to evict the tenant. Any outstanding rental payments are managed through a legal claim if necessary.

In Illinois, all laws hold tenants and property owners accountable for breaches of contract. A lease agreement explains all contractual obligations for each party. At any time that the contractual obligations aren’t fulfilled, either party retains the legal right to take action. A local attorney helps tenants and rental property owners in matters related to rental contracts. Claimants who need help under landlord tenant rights in Chicago can contact Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells right now. Like us on Facebook.

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