Experienced Contractors for Roof Replacements

A good roof usually lasts around twenty to fifty years. Around that time, it’s usually a good idea to replace the entire roof. This may seem a bit radical, but consider: the longer an old roof remains in the house, the more prone it is to steady damage and deterioration. Bad weather can accelerate the degradation of a roof through shingle loss from high winds, or damage from a heavy falling branch or tree. Small holes or opened seams allowing water to leak in can cause a whole host of problems of their own. Also, older roofs are not as energy efficient as newer ones. This is a given considering how the old roof predates so many changes in the evolution of roof design and our understanding of how insulation can work best.

Roof replacements can become important not only due to the condition of the old roof but also as a value enhancement. For example, a new steel roof not only is virtually guaranteed to be far more durable than a standard shingle and sheetrock covering but can dramatically improve the visual appeal of the home as well. The new steel roof is also far more energy efficient in terms of both heat insulation and heat reflectivity, resulting in savings of up to 25% off of energy bills. The combination of these assets can increase the resale value of the house by 6% and result in a recouping of over 80% of the cost of the replacement over time.

Professional contractors can install any type of roof the client desires, and can complete the job within days of settling upon an estimate. Once the work is finished, the new roof will be covered by a guarantee for the expected duration of the roof. A comprehensive replacement results in a whole new, integrated roofing system with all the latest enhancements in design and engineering since the last roof was put on. So despite the relatively high up-front costs, which can be negotiated into a very reasonable payment plan to fit the customer’s budget, opting for an entirely new roof can actually be the far smarter choice over the long haul.

Roof replacements should always be carried out by established contractors with a track record for satisfaction and quality work. A contractor advertising “25 years of experience!” can back up that statement by reputation.

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