Everything You Need to Know About Offset Printing in Chicago

Offset printing is a unique style of printing that is commonly used in many different industries. It is very different from standard printing. Standard printers use specialized equipment in order to print the ink onto the surface directly. Whether you are printing on any type of paper or other surface, the standard printer simply transfers the ink straight to the surface. However, offset printers function differently.

How Do Offset Printers Work?

Offset printers first create the image that needs to be printed on a plate. The inked image is then taken from the plate and shifted onto a rubbery surface. From there, the image is finally transferred to the surface. The original offset printer was extremely bulky and had to be put together using several, big-sized parts. While the size of the printers hasn’t decreased yet, the printing methods have become quite refined now.

In modern offset printing, the printer is “fed” a massive reel of paper. The press machine then divides the paper into numerous different portions. Then, the printer starts rolling as the paper passes through. The final print is joined together before the printed paper comes out of the machine.

There are several stages of printing with an offset printer. The most important part is getting everything ready before the pressing stage begins. This is the time when all the files that are going to be used during the printing process are aligned. The files need to be converted to the correct CMYK color model, and plates need to be set up for each of the different colors that are going to be run through the press.


Offset printing in Chicago is now a preferred choice for many business owners simply because of its many benefits. Here are some of the biggest advantages of offset printing:

* Consistency. Many business owners are fed up with local printers, because of the differences in image quality. One batch of posters might be very high quality, while others might be blurry. Offset printers do not have this issue – the images are sharper and cleaner than letterpress printers.

* Quick and easy production. You don’t need to spend a whole lot of time or money on creating the production plates. Many printing businesses offer ready-made production plates for common designs and colors used in the advertising industry.

* Affordable. If you don’t want to spend a large sum of money on printing signs or stickers, hiring the services of an offset printer is a great idea. This type of printing is relatively cheaper as compared to other types of printing. The quality isn’t compromised either.

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