Etiquette Tips For Hair Salons In Honolulu

People who are new to Hair Salons in Honolulu are usually unfamiliar with the proper etiquette to have when dealing with salons. The first rule of etiquette has to do with time. Is it acceptable to be late to an appointment at a hair salon? Due to the nature of the business, sessions may not always start on time. This means that being up to 15 minutes late for an appointment is usually acceptable. Stylists understand that family obligations, work, and traffic can make a person a little late. It’s always good to give the stylist a warning if a person is going to be late for an appointment.

There are also times when a client shows up on time, but the stylist isn’t there or isn’t ready. So how should people act in Hair Salons in Honolulu when stylists aren’t on time? If the stylist is working on another client, it’s fine to sit down and read a magazine or talk to other customers until the stylist is done. Stylists should be given about 15 minutes to either show up or complete a previous appointment. If a stylist takes longer than that, it’s best to seek out another stylist. Depending on the services being done, some stylists can work on more than one client at once, so problems with quality stylists and time are somewhat rare.

Some people are confused about the tipping etiquette at hair salons. If the service is good, a tip should be given. When people feel service was lacking, they can withhold tips. It’s always good practice to explain why a tip was withheld. Constructive criticism can help a stylist become better at the profession. The ideal amount to tip a stylist is between 15-20 percent. If there was another individual who shampooed a person’s hair, a tip of a dollar or two is usually given. People can Click here to find out more about the services offered at salons and salon etiquette.

Once a person becomes familiar with going to a salon, salon etiquette will become second nature. Some people become extremely close with their stylists and even end up giving gifts for holidays and birthdays.

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