Etiquette Tips For Bringing Your Dog To A Pet Store In Folsom CA

Some people may wonder if it a good idea to bring their dog to a Pet store in Folsom CA. A trip to the store with a furry friend can be enjoyable but can also turn out to be stressful. Here are a few tips for bringing Fido to the pet shop.

1. Try and visit the store during slow periods. This will ensure there is not too much foot traffic or too many other animals that may worry the dog.

2. Make sure the pet has been walked before going shopping. Of course, every pet needs to be on a leash. Retractable leashes are not appropriate to use while in the pet store.

3. Bring plenty of treats to give to the dog to help keep it calm and also to help guide it out of difficult situations. Rewarding the dog for good behavior while in the store is always a great idea.

4. Be prepared for potentially stressful situations. It can be virtually guaranteed the pet will encounter other dogs, other animals that it may not be familiar with, noises that are loud, and doors that open and close automatically. If the dog becomes too nervous or shows signs of becoming overwhelmed, you should immediately leave. The risk of an escalated situation is too great and is not worth it.

5. If a stressful situation is encountered, reward the dog with the treats that have been brought to the store. Always be aware of the surroundings so action can be taken beforehand and in response to a situation that may stress the dog. Try to redirect the dog’s attention to fun things like toys or chewable bones.

6. Allow the dog time to sniff out the environment will allow it to better understand the new surroundings. Rewards for good behavior and building positive social actions are all key to the dog and dog owner enjoying themselves and avoiding negative experiences.

Get More Information about bringing a pet to a Pet store in Folsom CA by clicking here. A knowledgeable and trained staff will be happy to answer any questions about the dos and don’ts of pet store etiquette.

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