Enrolling A Dog In Pet Training in Alexandria, VA

When someone gets a dog as a pet, they will soon be enjoying the companionship it will give to them. A new dog needs to be trained, so it does not run away, bite items within the home, or try to jump up on people when they get near. To help the dog learn proper behavior, pet training in Alexandria VA may be needed.

It is a great idea to bring a dog to structured classes for training. This will help the owner to learn how to properly speak to the dog so it will listen. The training sessions will show the owners how to speak forcefully so the dog will obey. When a dog does the task properly, a treat will be given to them as reinsurance. The dog will soon learn if it obeys, the treat will follow.

If a dog has learned bad habits, it may be a bit more difficult to break them of these behaviors. The dog will first need to learn which behaviors are not tolerable and which ones are deemed as appropriate. Often, an instructor will work with a dog on a one-to-one basis to see what behaviors need to be eliminated. They can then set up a plan to teach the dog that these activities are no longer proper ways to act.

After the dog learns proper behaviors, the treats may be eliminated from the training sessions. The more the dog performs the favorable acts, the more likely they will continue this behavior even without an edible treat. They will enjoy having praise from their owner and will start to associate the good acts with this praise instead. Training can continue as long as the owner wishes. It may be a good idea to continue training, so the dog does not slip back into bad habits. They will enjoy the social time with other dogs and their owner as well.

When someone wishes to enroll their dog into pet training in Alexandria VA, a great program will need to be found. Contact us for more information about pet training and schedule a dog to start a session if desired.

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