Enjoy Hot Water On Demand With Quality Water Heaters Repair in Fairfax VA

Water heaters are an integral part of modern plumbing systems because they supply hot water for cleaning, cooking, and bathing. However, the water heater will eventually fail and force the need for expert water heaters repair in Fairfax, VA. For instance, the thermostats that regulate heating control can fail and prevent the appliance from coming on or shutting off. Failure to start heating will only result in cold water at the tap, but failure of the thermostat to shut off could result in scalding water and serious burns.

One common water heater is the model that uses electrical resistance for generating heat. This appliance typically has two heating elements and matching thermostats. The elements are immersed in the water and transfer the heat directly. One fault that these appliances may develop is a shorted element. The short circuit creates a continuous, low-voltage loop that keeps the element heating by circumventing the thermostat. The result is extremely hot water until a built-in safety switch shuts off the power. The user may notice the problem when there is scalding hot water at the tap or none at all. It is possible to reset the switch, but the problem will occur again until the short has been eliminated.

Another reason to consider water heaters repair in Fairfax, VA is hard water issues. Hard water occurs in areas with high amounts of lime, calcium, and other minerals. As the water percolates through these minerals, some of them are carried to the local water table. As the hardened water passes through the water heater, the minerals can collect on the bottom or build up in various areas. Hard water affects the heating elements in an electric unit, but it can also prevent proper distribution of heat in a gas burning model. Flushing the tank should be an annual occurrence to prevent excessive mineral buildup.If the tank has developed a leak, then it may be time to consider replacement. Leaks around the tank or fittings usually mean corrosion, which is not repairable. If a replacement is required, then consider a tank with a liner. Liners come in several types with the most common being glass and cement. Glass liners tend to be a bit thin around fittings, but function quite well. Cement is a bit more expensive, but it provides excellent, consistent tank coverage. To learn more contact the experts at All Plumbing Inc.

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