Enhancing the Look of the Eyes with Lash Boost in Round rock, TX

Lash Boost Round Rock TX continues to be a major trend in cosmetics and there are several ways to achieve the look of thicker and fuller lashes. New lash boosting formulas designed to enhance the natural lashes are regularly introduced to the market and many of them are receiving very good reviews. There are quality offerings available at both the drug and department stores. Most of the formulas contain serums and conditioners designed to strengthen lashes, such as the pro-keratin complex used in the L’Oreacuteal Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara. Double Extend is a 2 in 1, containing both treatments; a serum basecoat as well as a lengthening top coat, and costs under $15.

Lancocircme, the leader in mascara formulation for many years, produces mascaras that provide the added benefit of a well-designed applicator tool, making it possible to shape the lashes while applying the formulas. Boosting with the Lancocircme line of products might begin with one of their mascara primers applied prior to the mascara. The Lancocircme Cils (Eyelashes) Booster XL, for example, which also comes in a travel size, is an intense conditioning formula made with microfibers and vitamin E.

After applying the Cils Booster XL, there are several different mascaras to choose from designed to create volume and lengthening, including the new Grandiose Mascara, which comes with an innovative mascara wand in the shape of a swan neck. Most of the Lancocircme mascaras are priced within the $22-$55 range.

M.A.C.’s False Lashes is a combination of M.A.C.’s ultra-thickening formula that utilizes, what they state is, a deluxe dose of the carbonized black pigment, in a consistency that is similar to hair mousse. Carbonized pigments are made from the burning of organic matter; $20-$25. Visit website to know more.

Catrice Lash Boost is the most reasonably priced boosting formula, costing under $9, and is popular overseas. Made with fibers that encourage lash growth, the Catrice is applied on top of normal mascara while it is still wet.

Lash Boost Round Rock TX is also created in the salon at Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar in Round Rock TX.

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