Enhance Your Drone Experience by Using a Tablet Monitor

Drones have taken off in popularity (pun intended), and they are used in a very wide range of industries today. They’re an important tool for recreation and enjoyment, increasingly being used in drone racing. They play a role in real estate, and movie/TV production, as well. However, all drones suffer from a few common issues. One of those is control – using a remote alone is fine while learning the ropes, but eventually, you’ll want more, live a live video feed from your tablet. A tablet monitor cover like the Mavic sunshade can help when flying your drone outdoors in the glaring sun.

What Is a Sunshade?

Not sure why you might benefit from the Mavic sunshade or a similar tablet monitor cover? It really comes down to what these accessories are and how they are used.

When you graduate from using just the controller to using a video screen and the controller to see where your drone is going and to get a bird’s eye view of the scene, you’ll find that it works very well until the sun glares off your tablet’s screen. Not only does that have the potential to blind you, during which time you could inadvertently crash your drone, but it washes out the screen, making it much more difficult to see what the drone sees.

The Mavic sunshade is designed to mount to your controller and to hold your tablet above, at the perfect level for your eyes. What’s more, the tablet mounts deep inside a protective hood with extended sides. These sides have one job – to prevent light from the sun (or artificial light sources) from hitting the screen of your tablet.

The Benefits of Using a Tablet Monitor

There are many benefits to enjoy when you use a Mavic sunshade. One of those is a dramatically reduced chance that you will be blinded by sunlight reflecting off the screen of your tablet. Another is that you gain a much clearer, crisper view of what your done sees through its camera. This is vital for many uses, ranging from racing to capturing the perfect shot in a movie or TV production.

Light and durable, protective and strong, the right tablet monitor cover will help ensure that you have the visibility needed for whatever you’re using the drone to accomplish. Of course, it also ensures that you’re able to get beyond using a smaller device, such as a smartphone for viewing drone footage during the flight.

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